Empty Sky poster


Here is the poster (click read more to see). I shot it on my Nikon D3 & Nikkor 70-200/2.8 vr while on set. I made good use of the 9fps frame rate here, however that was not the original intention. We were shooting this with an incredibly tight deadline on set, right after shooting the wide. The sun was setting in minutes and we needed a bunch of frames for options. Forget strobes with that kind of time constraint. We went with natural light and a little bounce. The idea was to get one frame that really sold Samantha (played by the very talented Maiara Walsh) walking away from Taylor (he equally amazing co star, Sarah Rosen). In the end the designer, Marco Baretto, decided to go with a composite that ended up making for a much stronger image. Click read more to check it out…

Also check out the facebook page for the film:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Empty-Sky/307238135989931?sk=wall