New website!

So you are probably wondering why the few previous blog posts on here are all from earlier this year despite a post date of today (August 14th). They are transfers from the old site (same actual web address). I didn’t update that old blog or website much because it was very difficult to work with, and lacked a lot of needed functionality. So here we are now, in the wonderful world of wordpress. In the process of designing this new site I re-edited my photography portfolio and finally had a cine reel edited. Major thanks to Dillon Novak for help with both of those. Please check out the updated photography portfolios; you’ll see some images that have never before been released, from both new and old films and photo shoots. I’m also glad to have a cleaner looking site, with a much improved photo gallery function. The old site really looked like an eye sore compared to this one. I don’t know how I lived with it for so long. Expect to see more blog posts about all sorts of cinematography and photography related topics now that I have a fully functioning blog as well. Anyway, go ahead and check out all the new content on the site, and let me know if you spot any glitches or bugs…